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Hershey — The Category Captains

Hershey — The Category Captains

Each year, Convenience Store News honors top suppliers partnering closely with their c-store customers to create successful solutions for today’s c-store environment. Hershey is proud to be honored as the Candy Category Captain 2014-2022.

Target The “Strike Zone”—That’s Where Shoppers Look

Eye level is lower than you might think;
we naturally look 15-30 degrees downwards.
Products placed at or just below eye level are most likely to be noticed. Shoppers search this strike zone most often for their favorite items. Source: TNS Retail & Shopper, Biosensory

Maximize Your Merchandising

Target red high-traffic areas with candy displays.
Candy displays outside the candy aisle capture 1/3 of category shoppers.
Heat map of c-store high-traffic areas

Source: Videomining

The Primary Aisle Is Prime Territory

59% of candy purchases are made in the primary aisle. 59% primary aisle, 24% front end, 17% secondary location

Time Flies—Smart Merchandising Makes The Most Of It

Shoppers spend just 31 seconds in the primary aisle. 31 seconds


Consumer Interaction With Snacks Is Evolving

90% of consumers snack multiple times throughout the day. Modern snacking model shows 4 snack periods throughout the day

Put Sweet & Salty Items In The Salty Snack Aisle

88% of consumers expect to find a snack mix of popcorn, nuts, pretzels and chocolate in the salty snack aisle. 60% of consumers expect to find a bag of peanut butter or chocolate-covered pretzels in the salty snack aisle.

Sweet & Salty
Is The Favored Treat

43% prefer sweet & salty flavor combination, while 21% prefer sweet, 12% prefer sweet & savory, 11% prefer salty, 10% prefer salty & savory, and only 1% prefer sour, sweet & sour, or savory.

Set Your Shelves From Sweet To Salty

Starting with sweet items placed closest to the register, your planogram should flow from sweet to salty. Progress from sweet snacks to sweet/salty snacks to salty snacks


Your Shoppers

Keep your store up-to-date by keeping up with demographic trends.
Who’s shopping today?

Convenience Gets Them To Your Store

Smart merchandising will help you make the most of their short time there.
66% choose your store for its convenient location. 39% because it's easy to get in and out. 10% for its good customer service. 7% for its prices.