KIT KAT<sup>®</sup> Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate


KIT KAT® Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate

Build on the incremental success of the KIT KAT® Duos lineup with this new flavor featuring a classic flavor combination.

The first fruit-flavor inspired KIT KAT® Duos!

KIT KAT<s>®</s> Strawberry Duo broken neatly in two.

Strawberry + Dark Chocolate is a winning flavor combination!

• It has mass appeal – 95% know the flavor
• Strawberry is a relevant flavor year-long, and over-indexes in early launch months due to Valentine’s seasonal association

Three years of new KIT KAT<sup>®</sup> Flavors

KIT KAT® Brand

has built the DUOS Platform to deliver incremental franchise growth with three highly appealing, classic flavor pairings!

Marketing samples in an array of circles around the KIT KAT Duos logo.

A robust 360° marketing plan

is in place for a strong launch and sustained momentum